Our Work

Blue Antler | Rayn Properties

Rayn Properties wanted to update their web presence and showcase their modern, custom built homes to potential home owners. Rayn is known to be an industry leader in new home construction in Southern Vancouver Island and their old website was lacking the visuals and responsiveness they were looking for.

As an award winning development company, we wanted to illuminate the quality and detail in Rayn Properties’ work. We put an emphasis on their custom homes and displayed them in stunning fashion. From statement pictures on the home page to a one of a kind portfolio, we put Rayn Properties’ custom built homes under the spotlight.

Yes, the site oozes style and luxury, but it also plays a role in practicality. We ensured that it was optimized for smart phones, tables and desktops and added a semi-transparent header that follows the reader as they browse the site. Call to actions were placed strategically throughout the website, mimicking a prospects natural progression through the site.


Rayn Properties - old site

The old Rayn Properties site, for it’s time, was a nice site. However, with technology changing so quickly, it needed a major makeover. Squeezed captions, menu titles, and a border which trapped text, didn’t allow for visually appealing brand identity and meant that the end user had a poor browsing experience. The non-responsive design made browsing Rayn’s portfolio of work on a cell-phone or tablet difficult and almost impossible to do.